Collin Leitch

collinleitch at gmail dot com

Vieiwing, 2021

Tonick, 2021

Arck (Cusanus), 2021

Rabbitt, 2021

The Reversions (Absolute Island), 2020

True Sconce, 2020

Orienteering (Excerpt)

Team Gallery - Camera Rider

Orienteering, 2019, 18:08

Endeavor, 2019

Rejoinder, 2019

Remainder, 2019

Extinction of Images

Team Gallery - Scenes of the American Landscape

Extinction of Images at Hotel Neptune

Lesson 2: Season Unending

Infinite Compressed Comparisons at HOLIDAY

'Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong' with Theodore Darst at King's Leap, April 2018

4th Dream, 2017

Bitmoji Truther at Magenta Plains, April 2017

Face Value (Fluid Coil of Loss) at King's Leap

Face Value (Fluid Coil of Loss), 2017

Lesson 1: IWHBYD -- With Max Wortman, 2015

The Current (Future Enterpriser), 2016